Laser treatment (Fotona Laser)


  • We are the only Medical Center in region that performs treatments using the Fotona Laser – Spectro SP Touch.
  • Thanks to Spectro SP Touch, we can achieve the best results with minimal laser beam penetration
  • The innovative Fotona 4D treatment – the world’s first face endolifting

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– 3D photo
– resurfacing, laser peeling
– removal of acne scars and scars
– stretch marks reduction
– acne treatment
– discoloration removal
– laser hair removal
– photorejuvenation

Laser FOTONA Spectro SP Touch

The Fotona Spectro SP Touch laser combines two laser wavelengths:

Er: YAG, which achieves maximum effects with the minimal skin penetration of the beam,

Nd: YAG, allows to reach deeper layer without damaging the epidermis.

The combination of these two lengths in one laser allows us to increase the range of treatments offered and to guarantee the highest quality of services.


It is a laser face lift combining four procedures in one treatment:

  1. EndoLifting®
  2. FRAC3®
  3. PIANO®
  4. SupErfacialTM

Combination of four unique modes allows us to perform effective facial lifting treatments in one session. Two wavelengths allow the laser to work both from the outside and inside the face, which allows for the complete reconstruction of collagen.

Rejuvenation and resurfacing

This is a way to rejuvenate the skin without the use of fillers or botox. Thanks to the laser, microdamages are made under the skin that mobilize its regeneration.

Frakcjonowanie 3D
Frakcjonowanie 3D

Skin becomes firmer, smoother and more beautiful. Resurfacing allows to reduce wrinkles, acne scars andbrighten discoloration. In the case of the Fotona Spectro SP Touch laser, the Frac3® method (3D fractionation) allows for deeper penetration, which results in a more effective and more effective treatment.


Removal of acne scars and scars

Fotona Spectro SP Touch laser uses the method of cold ablation. Each layer of the epidermis is leveled until the structures are completely smoothed, the skin is not overheated and the procedure is much less painful

Reduction of stretch marks

The skin is stimulated from the inside to be reconstructed. The effects are noticeable after the first treatment, but in case of deep stretch marks it might be necessary to repeat the treatment.

Acne treatment

Thanks to the Fotona Spectro SP Touch laser, the effects of acne treatment are visible after the first session. Laser treatment affects all the factors that cause acne, thus reduces inflammation, has antibacterial properties, shrinks acne pellets and prevents the formation of new changes.

Removal of skin discoloration

Skin discoloration is the accumulation of melanin in one place. They are often caused by UV radiation, that is most often absorbed during tanning. Using the Er: YAG waves of the Fotona Spectro SP Touch laser we can remove any skin discoloration. The effect is permanent, but it should be remembered that it only removes the discoloration that has already been created.

Hair removal

The Spectro SP Touch system is an excellent tool for hair removal. The usage of two wavelengths allows for more effective and faster laser hair removal. Most importantly, this procedure does not damage even the most delicate skin.

Dilated blood vessels

Deep penetration (up to 12 mm) of the Spectro SP Touch laser beam allows removal of both shallow and surface changes, as well as deeper ones with a wider diameter. In addition, the treatment is virtually painless and is characterized by very high precision – thanks to this, it does not interfere with other vessels.

Photorejuvenation T3

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation using a laser. It is a non-invasive method of collagen reconstruction in skin structures. The end result is a smoother, more taut and lightened skin.

Treatment of mycosis of the skin and nails

Antibiotic therapy is often long and  can adversely affect the entire body. If a laser is used, only the area of mycosis is treated. The treatment is quick and simple, it gradually removes the infection and does not cause complications. The final effect is obtained after a few exposures – their amount depends on the type and advancement of the changes.