In-patient clinic at the Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


MSWiA Hospital, Opthalmic Ward, 1s floor above the reception hall
ul. Jagiellońska 44
70-382 Szczecin

91 432 95 36

Surgical procedures under Dom Lekarski Medical Centre are also carried out at the Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Szczecin. The hospital offers a wide range of services, an intensive care unit included. It achieved ISO 9001:2000. Dom Lekarski manages the separate Department of Surgery, which has been completely renovated to meet our patients’ needs for comfort and safety. The modern facilities and equipment of our ward, along with latest surgical techniques, are something we can be proud of. The air-conditioning system makes it easy to keep the same temperature and humidity of operating theatre. All bedrooms are air-conditioned and have en-suite facilities. There are clinically clean conditions on the ward – we have recorded no MRSA cases.