Hand surgery

Why you can trust us?

  • Hand surgery is a broad term that incorporates a vast array of different types of surgical techniques: microsurgery, general surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and plastic surgery.
  • Md PhD Ireneusz Walaszek at Dom Lekarski is a certified hand surgeon approved by Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FEESH).
  • All operations are performed at the highest international standards. The patients are provided with round-the-clock care by the team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

Nerve treatment:
– Compressive neuropathies – carpal tunnel syndrome, cubical tunnel syndrome, other rare compressive neuropathies
– Treatment of nerve injuries: primary suture, nerve grafts
– Tendon transfers in nerve palsy

Bone and joints treatment:
– Alloplasty (joint replacement), Arthrodesis, Arthroplasty (joint reconstruction)

Congenital hand deformities:
– Syndactyles and Failure of differentiation and formation

Bone surgery:
– Fracture management, internal fixation
– Treatment of bone nonunion: bone grafts (free and vascularized)
– Bone infections treatment and Bone elongations
– Osteotomy in malunion fractures

Soft tissue disease treatment:
– Dupuytren Disease
– Secondary postinjury reconstructions: nerve, tendon, vascular, soft tissue grafts, ligaments reconstructions
– Scar management
– Hand Tumors: lipomas, ganglia
– Pain Syndromes treatment

Appointments schedule

Md PhD Ireneusz Walaszek - 16:20 - 19:20 - - -


Price list

30 EUR
The final price of the treatment is always determined individually after consulting a doctor.
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
950 €
Microsurgical reconstruction of the nerves, transplantation
1400 €
Joint replacement
*350 €
*950 €
Congenital Hand Deformities
1200 €
False joint treatment
*950 €
Post-traumatic reconstructions
*950 €
Plastic surgery of scars, contractures
950 €
Guzy: gangliony, torbiele kostne (artroskopowo)
950 €
Wrist arthroscopy (diagnostics)
950 €
Wrist arthroscopy
*1200 €

The price list does not constitute a commercial offer according to art. 66 pairs 1 of the Civil Code and is published only for information purposes. The given prices are subject to change.