Out-patient clinic in Turzyn Shopping Center


CH Turzyn (Carrefour) Building
Entrance near the H&M Shop from the 1st floor
al. Boh. Warszawy 42, 70-342 Szczecin

Opening hours:
Mon. – Fr. 9:00-21:00

91 469 22 82

Out-Patient Clinic in C.H. Turzyn is located in the town centre in Shopping Centre – Turzyn (building with Carrefour Shop).

Entrance is possible from the first floor, near H&M Shop and then via elevator to the 2nd floor, or entrance from the ground floor – the right to the rotary door and via elevator to the 2nd floor.

It is a modern day clinic which offers a wide range of specialist consultations, imaging diagnostics and laboratory testing. There is also orthopaedic/neurological rehabilitation gym, well-equipped with the state-of-the-art facility. The clinic is within the shopping centre, which offers an easy access to free parking lot.