What can you expect?

  • EXPERIENCE – since 2001, every surgeon has performed about 100 procedures per month, took part in annual conventions of the European Society of Surgeons Cataract and Refraction.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – we have always looked after our patients: we were the first in the region to introduce a method of phacoemulsification, which is currently the golden mean in cataract surgery, as the first in Poland we purchased a modern platform for microcirculation surgery Baush & Lomb; We constantly monitor operational results, which are comparable to the best centers in Europe.
  • CHOICE – every patient undergoes a series of tests qualifying for surgery, has an individually selected lens (Alcon, Zeiss and others), which can also correct eye defects, such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

What is cataract?

Dr n. med. Andrzej Palacz during cataract treatment.

A Cataract is partial or complete clouding of the lens, manifested by gradual deterioration of visual acuity. It is one of the most common eye diseases, mainly related to the aging process. Patients with cataracts do not experience pain, but usually complain of hazy vision, sometimes of light splitting, disturbance of color vision or disturbance of vision in strong light.

Cataract treatment at Dom Lekarski Medical Center

Currently there is no cure for cataract. The only method to restore proper vision is the  removal of the clouded lens. The method of phacoemulsification is believed to be one of the safest and bringing the best results procedure in the world. It consists in breaking the opaque lens using ultrasound and removing it through the minimal incision in the cornea (up to 2.8 mm). The second incision implements an artificial foldable lens in to the eye.


Doctors from Dom Lekarski Medical Center were the first in our area to introduce cataract removal by phacoemulsification as the standard for all patients treated. Now, we are the second largest cataract treatment center, that uses this method in our province. The operations are carried out by MD Andrzej Lipiński, MD Andrzej Palacz and MD Tomasz Miszczuk, usually under local anesthesia, it takes only 30 minutes, and the patient can return home after a few hours.

The state-of-the-art operating technique and high-quality equipment have a significant impact on the safety of operations, can accelerate the recovery time and increase of patients satisfaction.

Selection of lenses

Patient can remove his/her myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia using single-focal or multi-focal lenses. Doctor will select the best lens, based on medical results and interview with the patient.

The artificial lenses in our center are the three most advanced products of the American company ALCON:

  • Acrysof Natural / asferic lens
  • Acrysof Toric lens – removes astigmatism at the same time,
  • Restor lens – a multi-focal lens that allows sharp vision from both afar and close.

At the Dom Lekarski Medical Center, it is possible to determine the power of the implanted lens, in a non-contact and very precise way using the IOL Master Laser from Zeiss – one of the state-of-the-art devices of this type, available on the market. Proper selection of lenses is the key to achieve good results.

Our doctors perform over 2,000 cataract surgeries per year. Dom Lekarski offers cataract surgeries, both funded by the National Health Fund and fully paid by the patient.


During capsulotomy procedure  a small incision is made into the back of the lens of the eye. The procedure is performed using the YAG laser for those, who have undergone cataract surgery with implantation of an artificial intraocular lens. The so-called secondary cataract, occurs in 10-30% of patients after cataract surgery and causes a decrease in visual acuity. Capsulotomy treatment is painless and short. It takes about a few minutes.

Based on an innovative approach to eye surgery and innovative equipment, ophthalmologists can correct complicated optical eye defects with their own and artificial lenses, providing world-class treatment effects.


Md PhD Andrzej Lipiński - - - 9/27/18 9:00 - 9/27/18 19:20 9/27/18 9:00 - 9/27/18 15:30
- - - 9/27/18 9:00 - 9/27/18 17:00 -
MD Tomasz Miszczuk - - - - 9/27/18 9:00 - 9/27/18 14:00

The admission hours are approximate and may change.

Price list

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How to prepare for the surgery?

In the matter of arranging the date of the procedure or additional questions about surgery, please contact Anna Gurbin, 664 091 750 ,