About bunion

Bunion  is an acquired or congenital deformity of the joint that connects the big toe to the foot. Usually accompanied by a flat and crooked foot position. The size of the angle between the long axis of the toe and the axis of the first metatarsus is more than 20 degrees. .

Causes and ailments:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • genetic predispositions
  • wearing tight shoes, high heels ec.
  • overweight

Untreated ,  can cause severe pain that makes it difficult to walk, Patients often complain that only very wide and soft shoes allow them to walk.


  • pain when walking;
  • inflammation, redness, pain, around the head and metatarsal bones;
  • pain and burning from the bottom of the foot under the heads of the metatarsus
  • subluxation of fingers II-IV on the dorsal side of the foot;
  • difficulties in walking and choosing footwear;
  • the gait efficiency decreases gradually

How to treat?
The treatment methods of bunion depend on the type and degree of deformation of the foot.
Prevention of hallux valgus consists in wearing appropriate footwear. In case of inflammation of the bursa, various types of protection should be used (cushions, protective rings).
When you notice the first symptoms, it may be helpful to use various types of correction devices, as well as exercises supported by physical therapy, weight reduction, physical effort, change of footwear and rehabilitation can give good treatment results. In advanced changes, surgical treatment is proposed, after which it is necessary to wear new shoes.

Soft tissue surgery is the basic procedure performed in patients suffering from bunion. The procedure is performed to correct the angle between the first and the second metatarsal bone. Modern methods of surgical treatment, eg osteotomy and metatarsus of the SCARF type, allow for a large correction of the defect. In addition to significantly increase comfort , it is very important to reduce the risk of complications. Hepatitis B vaccination is required prior to surgery for the sake of operative safety and personnel.



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Price list

170 zł
Korekcja palucha koślawego (hallux)
3900 - 7500 zł*
* w zależności od stopnia deformacji i rozległości zabiegu operacyjnego Ostateczna cena zabiegu jest zawsze ustalana indywidualnie po konsultacji z lekarzem.

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