Dr. Piotr Kominiak specializes in the treatment of the shoulder injuries. Each year, he performs about 200 shoulder operations.

Shoulder joint

The shoulder joint is the joint with the largest range of movement, which is possible due to the specific anatomical structure. The joint capsule, ligaments and muscles surrounding the shoulder are responsible for its stability. Damage to one of the above-mentioned soft tissues surrounding the shoulder joint later leads to its improper functioning. Thanks to the development of arthroscopic techniques, we are currently able to treat damaged ligaments and tendons of muscles responsible for the stability and proper function of the shoulder.

Shoulder joint arthroscopy

The arthroscopy procedure involves the arthroscopy of the joint using a special camera, which we insert through a small opening. This is a minimally invasive procedure. Initially, it was used for diagnostic purposes. Currently, with the help of this technique, we can perform complicated reconstruction operations inside the joint.

Arthroscopic technique helps with:
– shoulder joint instability (dislocation),
– impingement syndrome (the most common cause of pain),
– damage to the tendons of the rotator cuff,
– damage to the tendon of the head of the long biceps muscle of the arm,
– degenerative changes of the clavicular and brachial joint.
In the case of reconstruction of damaged tendons, we use special implants with threads, which again connect the detached tendons with the bone.


The replacement of a damaged joint with an artifficial one.
We have two types of this type of operation:
– semi-plastic endoprosthesis – we only replace the damaged or broken head of the humerus,
– total plastic endoprosthesis – we replace the acetabulum and the head of the humerus.



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