Md Łukasz Terenowski



Dr. Łukasz Terenowski works in Department V of Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery in the Specialist Hospital named after prof. A. Sokołowski in Szczecin – Zdunowo. His special interests include spinal diseases. He gained his experience in both surgical and surgical treatment of back pain syndrome during numerous courses and trainings mainly in England, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. He also completed a one and a half year internship at London Bridge Hospital Spine Surgery Department in London, where he also served as an honorary assistant in the Department of Adult Spine Surgery and Children of Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospital in London. Dr. Terenowski is also a co-author of the book on minimally invasive spinal surgery of the prestigious AOSpine publishing house. In the conservative treatment of acute and chronic pain-root syndromes, it successfully applies the latest techniques of interventional radiology (selective foraminal blockages of spinal nerves, joints, trigger points …) and intervention ultrasound scanners (periarticular spinal blockages, spinal cord peripheral blocks, joint arthroplasty). Treatments of this type are made using the highest quality RTG and ultrasound equipment. In everyday outpatient practice, he also applies the latest and most effective pharmacotherapy achievements in the treatment of osteoarthritis (selective interleukin I receptor blockers, hyaluronic acid preparations). Intra-group deliveries are made only under ultrasound guidance, which contributes to the accuracy and effectiveness of the application.



Md Łukasz Terenowski - - - - 15:00 - 20:30