How to treat sick sinus?

Modern irrigation of the sinuses with Hydrodebrider is now available at the Dom Lekarski Medical Center. Recommended to everyone in the effective fight against chronic sinusitis.

Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses
Sinus disease is a problem for many people – regardless of their age and gender. This is the most common reason for visiting a general practitioner in all countries with a moderate climate. In Poland, it is estimated that about half of the population have undergone acute sinusitis at least once and about 15% suffer from chronic sinusitis.

Hydrodebrider is the most modern device for combating chronic sinusitis. During endoscopic procedures, the surgeon could, so far, eliminate tissue hypertrophy and swelling, clear the sinuses, while the bacteria that cause inflammation were difficult to remove. Colonies of bacteria in the form of so-called Biofilm, have their own casing resistant to pharmacological effects and are the main cause of recurrence of ailments. Hydrodebrider is the first device that effectively and in a very minimally invasive manner removes bacteria from anatomically difficult places.

The procedure is usually performed after or during the FEOZ procedure, during which the mouths of the sinuses have been properly cleared. The surgeon inserts a cord terminated with a specially constructed soft tip through the nasal cavity to the inflamed sinus. The tips for maxillary sinuses rotate by 270 °, precisely removing the biofilm from the pressure. During the procedure, the surgeon also has the possibility to administer medications and antibiotics to the inside of the sinuses for local action. Precise removal of bacteria is the basis for the proper functioning of the sinuses and avoiding recurrent inflammation in the future.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, the patient stays in the care of the hospital ward for a maximum of 24 hours and quickly becomes fully functional.